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The partnership “Learning Positive Discipline” (LPD) will take place between August 2013 and July 2015.


  • High School “Stefan Procopiu” (Vaslui, Romania)-coordinator
  • Foreign Language Secondary School (Bulgaria, Pleven) – partner
  • Club Kiwanis Vaslui (Romania, Vaslui) – partner
  • Agentur Kultur e.V. (Germany, Munchen) – partner
  • ESTONIAN SURVIVAL SOCIETY (Estonia, Võru) – partner
  • C.P.F.P.A. MISLATA (Spain, Mislata) – partner
  • BAUSKA SECONDARY SCHOOL NO 2 (Latvia, Bauska) – partner
  • Kecskeméti Főiskola (Ungary, Kecskemét) – partner
  • Amici del centro socio-culturale san Francesco (Italy, Umbertide) – partner
  • DC Ce Usak University Women Studies Research and İimplementation Center
  • (Turkey, Ușak) – partner
  • Center DariuszCegliński (Poland, Rzeszow) – partner

The specific objectives of the partnership are:

  • assimilation by the  adults of  some knowledge concerning  problematic behaviors, conflict management and positive discipline
  • developmentof adult skills to manage behavioral problems of children through positive discipline, to stimulate positive behavior and give  support to children with a  high risk of committing acts of violence
  • promote certain behaviors and attitudes change ineffective in adult relationships with children and learning behaviors based on positive discipline relationship
  • encourage the transfer of good practices and cooperation between European institutions on positive discipline techniques
  • quality-improvement  of the organizations which  offer adult learning contexts through transfer of best practices and European cooperation
  • promoting the acquisition of the key European competences by adults

This project addresses to a target group formed of:

  • Parents who want to improve their parenting skills, which manifest  the desire to know their children better, but also future parents because parental education is an activity of information and training is aimed not only  to parents but also prospective parents (they will be selected mainly from rural areas among disadvantaged groups in economically weak areas)
  • People who interact with children (teachers, psychologists, school counselors) who want to discover positive disciplinary methods and tools to apply them in their professional activity with students or aiming to provide support to parents who wish to improve their knowledge, disciplinary skills and positive child behaviors
  • People working in adult education

These objectives will beachieved by:     

  • six project meetings (Romania, Germany, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain)
  • two European seminars ("Positive discipline techniques", "Communication in the discipline") within which will be an active exchange between partners regarding best practices regarding positive discipline skills development among adults
  • work-shops documentation and systematization of information on issues of discipline management program to achieve positive discipline skills development
  • the development of  sessions/courses/workshops with  adults about positive discipline
  • achievement of a  research to identify current practices related to family education in various European countries to identify some perceptions on effective methods of disciplining children and to determine the similarities and differences
  • dissemination and valorisation activities (project site, articles, brochures, posters)
  • monitoring and evaluation activities

Those who interact with children (teachers, psychologists, school counselors) will discover positive disciplinary methods and tools of “problem” students, will easily find solutions to the inter relation problems with the  students that come  from diverse backgrounds and develop in turn parenting skillsEducators have the responsibility to offer  to their students' parents tools and useful information so that they acquire and develop skills necessary for optimal interactions with their children. Participating in project activities, educators will have information about positive discipline and will gain more confidence when parents will seek to solve problems on their children's education techniquesParents will discover ways to resolve conflicts with their children and to improve relations with them. Participating in project activities, parents will gain knowledge and skills necessary for raising and educating children, will know what is actually positive disciplining the child and which are the appropriate disciplinary methods that favor the development of better relations.

The Grundtvig Partnership "Learning Positive Discipline" (LPD) has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. | Link2 | Link3

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